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July 10, 2019

We’re growing…

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Project Girls for Girls was founded only two short years ago in 2017 and it’s astounding where we are now.

In just two years, we have:
  • Launched mentorship circles in 11 countries including the U.S., Mexico, Iceland, Uganda, Niger, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malaysia, and Uzbekistan, and working with coordinators to expand into a dozen more countries this year.
  • Inspired nearly 800 young women to be courageous leaders in their communities through participation in a mentorship circle.
  • Collaborated with over 350 mentors and organizations from all sectors committed to supporting women’s power to change the world. Girls for Girls mentorship circles are making long-lasting impact across the world. Mentees are negotiating their salaries and promotions, improving their skills in public leadership, and embracing their unique strengths to empower themselves and their communities. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our expansion effort! All G4G activities to date have been entirely volunteer-driven and sustained by in-kind support from partners. We are raising seed funding to help sustain the growth of our leadership network, including an online learning platform and program support for mentors on the ground. Will you consider donating today to support mentorship circles across the world? With your support and dedication, we are able to continue our mission of helping young women develop the courage, vision, and skills they need to take on public leadership. Thank you for believing in the voices of young women, their hopes and aspirations, and their power to change the world! Sincerely,
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    G4G Team


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