Helping young women develop

the courage, vision and skills

to take on leadership

Helping young women develop the courage, vision, and skills to take on public leadership.

Girls For Girls is a Harvard Kennedy School born program when in 2017, a group of their post-graduate women leaders from across the globe recognised that women are being held back from leadership positions around the world. Inspired by each other, they decided to close the gap.

Challenges G4G Aims To Overcome

Our co-founders observed that across the world, women rarely receive the support to build their confidence, skills and network to advance their careers and run for positions of leadership.

Available opportunities for those who join G4G

Our network of members, mentors and mentees have access to safe spaces which allow for confidence and skills building through our inclusive group mentorship sessions. They also gain insightful advice, frameworks and tips from the professors at Harvard Kennedy School of Public Leadership, who have been vital in building our 6-module mentorship programme. Each member of Girls For Girls graduates into a network of strong women leaders across the globe, where we are welcoming new members every day.

The Co-Founders

Global Board of Directors

Izzana Salleh

Global President and Asia Director

Allen Asiimwe

Africa Director

Halla Hrund Logadóttir

Europe Director

Caro Salinas

Latin America Director

Shira Miller

North America Director

Secretariat of G4G

Aida Zunaidi

Arlene Teo

Davina Devarajan

Proud G4G Members


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