December 27, 2021

NBK supports the “Girls for Girls” initiative

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The 2022 Girls for Girls initiative is launched with the support of the National Bank of Kuwait and the Women's Social Cultural Association

“The initiative was established in May 2017 by a group of Harvard University graduates, who felt that women were still not sufficiently represented at the global level in leadership positions in the public and private spheres, as well as in civil society,” said program director Nabila Abu Hantash. The program was launched in Kuwait in 2021 as a non-profit initiative through the Women’s Social and Cultural Association. The association added credibility and space to the program, and provided the necessary support from the resources it needed for distinguished work. Abu Hantash indicated that the program opens the field for registration for the year 2022 for girls and women from 16 to 50 years old, through the link on the Instagram account of girls4girlskuwait, and the first course “On Public Leadership Skills” will be held every Saturday morning from January 8 to February 12, 2022. ‎ The organizers of the initiative assure that there will be successive programs throughout the year, and encourage registration. The initiative adopts the Harvard method of presenting and discussing content in an interactive manner by presenting 6 sessions dealing with courageous leadership, the art of communication and negotiation, ascending to positions and ethics in decision-making. The sessions focus on creating a platform that supports girls and enables them to take up positions and lead change in their lives and communities by building confidence and courage in taking the initiative. The program aims to encourage women to seek leadership positions in order to reach a more equal and sustainable society. The initiative presented 4 sessions during the year 2021, hosting high-level speakers who are an essential part of activating the foundations of leadership. The program concluded the 2021 efforts with a seminar on laws affecting women’s independence, aspirations and protection, during which lawyer Mona Al-Arbash and Lina Adlouni spoke. The program has recently succeeded in obtaining NBK sponsorship, which reflects the importance of the program, the credibility of the content, and the seriousness of its organizers.
On this occasion, NBK Public Relations Officer, Joan Al-Abduljalil, said, “At the bank, we are keen to promote and sponsor all efforts aimed at empowering women, in implementation of our strategy that aims to achieve sustainable development.” Accordingly, the program is preparing for a busy year in 2022 with a new group of guests. “We always seek to forge partnerships with leading civil society institutions within the framework of the Bank’s active role in community development and to present it as a role model in the commitment of private sector institutions to their social responsibilities,” Al-Abduljalil added. The program team also attracted Ms. Haya Al-Maqron, Media Director, Dr. Seetah Al-Ajmi, a Harvard graduate dentist, and Dr. Emily Gucci, who holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from Princeton University, to participate as mentors in the program, which will enhance the transfer of expertise. for posts. And the number of the team has increased to 10 volunteers who are working hard to organize the work, enhance the national content, the exciting style and the media work, and forge partnerships with the civil sector initiatives to increase the spread of the program.



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