December 31, 2021

"Girls for Girls” .. in cooperation with the “Women’s Cultural Foundation”

The National Bank of Kuwait announced its support for the Girls for Girls G4G initiative, in cooperation with the Women’s Cultural and Social Society in Kuwait. The first course for 2022 “On Public Leadership Skills” will be held every Saturday from January 8 to February 12, 2022. Moreover, there will be sequential programs throughout the year, and the initiative will add its training courses with the participation of speakers and experts, noting that the concepts presented in the course are taken from Harvard University curricula. The program is defined as a leadership training initiative founded by Harvard University graduates in 2017 with the aim of addressing persistent gender inequality in leadership positions around the world, and creating a cohort of girls willing and able to assume leadership positions in key areas in various fields of government, business and civil society. . On this occasion, the Public Relations Officer at the National Bank of Kuwait, Joanne Al-Abduljalil, said that NBK is proud of this partnership with the Women’s Cultural Association and the Girls for Girls team, especially that the objectives of this program meet with what the National Bank of Kuwait aspires to achieve in terms of empowering women to By reinforcing its representation and developing its role in societies.
Al-Abdul-Jalil praised the program’s objectives, which target training in courageous leadership, mastering communication, managing negotiations, serving in public affairs, running for office, and ethics and values ​​in decision-making, noting that all of these axes are important and main in the path of tireless efforts to empower women, which are among the top priorities. The National Bank has a strategic plan related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the National Development Plan, and global reporting standards with the aim of measuring its development and comparing it with the set goals. For her part, the director of the program, Nabila Abu Hantash, said: “Girls for Girls is a humble platform established for listening and sharing in order for us as women and girls to learn from each other by activating and transmitting rich content derived from Harvard.” In turn, she stated that she “believes in the program’s message and is happy with the interactive method through which the material is presented.” The training courses within the Girls for Girls program focus on supporting girls and empowering them to take up positions and lead change in their lives and societies by building confidence, courage and taking initiative, and encouraging women to seek leadership positions to reach a more equal, sustainable and sustainable society. Moreover, the National Bank of Kuwait provides the space needed to develop the skills of working women and the necessary professional standards for this, especially since the culture of the National Bank is based on investing in talents of both sexes and a commitment to human development without discrimination or discrimination, through the adoption of advanced training programs to prepare leaders and develop their skills.



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