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Bwaila Secondary School was the first cohort to pilot in Malawi. We are currently mentoring girls in Form 3 & 4 which are the last years of secondary school. The cohort has 9 trained mentors and 24 mentees that graduated this year.

Our Achievements

Despite many hardships including a cholera outbreak we will be able to start mentoring in Malawi. The Malawi chapter is growing at a steady pace and we are expecting to create cohorts in two other cities – Blantyre and Mzuzu. We are now preparing for a second Bwaila cohort, a tertiary cohort in Lilongwe, the virtual young female professionals cohort and Women Lawyers Association of Malawi cohort.

Our Target

Our target in Malawi is to create a pipeline of female leaders who will take on decision making roles in both the public and private sector. We have the ambitious goal of training 5000 mentors in the next ten years. With the multiplier effect we know that this will translate to around half a million girls and women mentored in the next decade.

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Duwa Mutharika

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[Malawi] Testimonial 1

Jennifer Mwenebanda

I had the privilege of mentoring Cohort 1 at Bwaila Secondary School. Little did I know that while guiding them through our planned six sessions, I would find myself on an unexpected journey of growth as well. This process of ‘mentoring up’ allowed me to learn as I mentored. Witnessing my mentees embrace opening up to new viewpoints, nurture their leadership abilities, and discover their voices was incredibly rewarding. A highlight was when the girls got to participate in the ‘Girls in ICT Day’ event at the NxtGen Labs. Not to mention the invaluable connections I made with like minded mentors and the wisdom I gained from our insightful guest speakers in each session.

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