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About The Chapter

The chapter aims to build a transnational sorority across Latin America, which currently includes Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Our dream is to provide a trust circle for as many young girls from the region as possible. We work with mixed circles, allowing the Girls to interact with young women from different nationalities.

Our Achievements

We have been able to build bridges among girls from Mexico, Perú, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica among other Spanish speaking countries.

Our Target

We aim to have a G4G chapter in every Latam Country and build as many happy success stories as possible from our mentors and mentees.

Country Lead

Isiair Soto Nieto

Chapter’s Memories

Words From A Member

[Latin America] Testimonial

Adriana Mejía “Bee”

Girls For Girls was an experience that helped me wrap up a difficult year and boost me up for 2022. I was invigorated by the support of my two mentors and my fellow mentees. The conversations in the meetings gave me the strength to face some ghosts of the recent past that I’d been procrastinating on thinking about. I now feel like I can be unashamedly myself–a resilient woman who will not be silenced and will strive to achieve her goals. I’m feel grateful and honored to have been a part of this, I will never forget it.

Latin America Chapter

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