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About The Chapter

LATAM chapter aims to building a sorority across all Latin America, from Argentina and Chile, to Mexico. In LATAM chapter we build trust circles during 6 sessions conformed by 8 mentees from different nationalities and leaded by a Mentor and the Region Lead.

Our Achievements

We have been able to build bridges and a strong community from girls all around Latin America. We support ourselves during Meet & Greet meetings, sharing our dreams and careers challenges.

Our Target

We aim to have a G4G chapter in every Latam Country and build as many happy success stories as possible from our mentors and mentees.

Country Lead

Karime Barrón

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Words From A Member

[Latin America] Testimonial



G4G is a great way to contribute to the new generation of young leaders from Latinamerica who are going to break the glass ceiling and contribute to gender equality. It is an honor to be a mentor in G4G LATAM. As a migrant woman I understand the inequalities to which women are often exposed in human mobility; creating these spaces raise awareness that there are more inclusive generations. Together we are stronger and more sororas.

Latin America Chapter

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